Which partners do you already have on board? For us, strong partnerships are essential for good content. TV stations are certainly among the biggest producers of video material, but there are plenty of other sources from film studios to YouTubers or Vimeo producers. We have exciting partners from various sectors on board. On May 24th our ICO starts and in the following days we will announce them. You may be curious.

What do I as a TV viewer have to do to get Bitcoin profit transferred into my wallet?

At the first start of TV-TWO a local wallet will be created by the Smart-TV-App according to onlinebetrug. The Private Key is presented once as a QR code on the screen. This allows the user to synchronize his wallet with other devices. We are very anxious to make the setup as simple as possible. So we can introduce completely new parts of society to Bitcoin profit crypto currencies via TV-TWO. Once the QR code has been scanned with a mobile phone, it’s time to lean back and enjoy the future of television. The tokens are collected automatically and conveniently.

When millions of people watch TV and are rewarded via token micropayments, aren’t there necessarily scaling problems of the Bitcoin profit?

The scalability of the Bitcoin profit blockchain is indeed one of our biggest challenges. Until scaling measures such as sharding take effect, we used ┬ÁRaiden payment channels to combine the respective advantages of on-chain and off-chain Bitcoin profit transactions.

Where do you see TV-TWO in five years?

In five years we would like to have established TV-TWO as a well-known player in German-speaking countries. Advertisers are delighted with the transparent TV advertising market and are taking full advantage of the digital opportunities on TV. Some YouTuber have switched exclusively to TV-TWO because they wanted to move away from clickbait-driven trends and towards transparent watch statistics. TV stations have decided to also broadcast their content to us in order to maximize their reach. We are pre-installed with every major television manufacturer. Even a TV market share of one percent in the DACH region would give our token a market capitalization of around 100 million euros. So the possibilities are gigantic.