In his opening speech on EU Digital Day, EU Commission Vice-President Andrus Ansip called on the member states to show greater commitment to the use and development of blockchain technologies. Europe must play a leading role worldwide. To achieve this goal, 22 of the EU member states signed a Blockchain partnership at yesterday’s event. In the future, this partnership should bundle the commitment in the further expansion of the common digital market.

Every year, the EU Commission’s Digital Day faces up to a new Bitcoin trader challenge

Shaping Europe’s digital future together and finding answers to the challenges of Bitcoin trader digitisation in consultation. In addition to the development of digital health care and artificial intelligence, this year’s Digital Day was dominated by the Bitcoin trader blockchain.

Commission Vice-President Andrus Ansip used his opening speech to send a message to the renowned visitors of the communication and technology industry: Europe has what it takes and must therefore play a leading role in the use and development of the blockchain.

“The European technology sector sees the Blockchain as an area where Europe is best positioned to play a leading role. However, it is no secret that we need to invest – both politically and financially”, warns Ansip, because the technologies are currently changing from “laboratory to mainstream”. It is important to “catch up a lot”.

For this to succeed, support from the private sector is particularly necessary. The EU Commission alone could not cope with the effort.

In the afternoon, the ceremonial signing of the Blockchain Partnership Initiative was the focus of the event. 22 member states declared their willingness to work hand in hand in future on the investment and development of blockchain services. Such a partnership is necessary in order to avoid fragmented efforts by individuals so that the technology can “flourish”, according to the Commission’s website.

EU Commission as decisive crypto trader blockchain patroness

The first cross-border crypto trader blockchain services are to be introduced by 2019 under the auspices of Brussels. Matthias Machnig, SPD State Secretary in the Ministry of Economic Affairs, signed the partnership declaration for Germany:

The EU Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society, Mariya Gabriel, welcomed the signing. She assumes that the blockchain will be used in all areas of public services in the future.

“The Blockchain is a great opportunity for Europe and its member countries to rethink their information systems, strengthen citizens’ trust and personal data protection, and explore new business and leadership areas. Today’s partnership helps member states, together with the EU Commission, to transform the enormous potential of the blockchain into better services for citizens”, said Gabriel.

With the signatures of the 22 member countries, which include Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Malta and the United Kingdom, the EU Commission has once again become a strong supporter of the Blockchain technology. In February, for example, it set up the EU Blockchain Observatory Forum in partnership with the Ethereum start-up ConsenSys. The project is aimed at exploring public applications of the blockchain.

In total, the EU has already invested over 80 million euros in the development of blockchain services. Another 300 million euros will follow by 2020, according to the press release.