With a sudden gain of $16.50 in just 15 minutes, the Bitcoin rate jumped a few percentage points last night.

The price rally began at 23:15 UTC and ended around midnight after Bitcon’s price reached a temporary high of 418 USD. The strongest price movement took place between 23:15 and 23:30 UTC.

Experts don’t quite agree on how the price jump came about. It is speculated that the continued high activity in the Chinese market or the possible revelation by the Bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakamoto may have been the reason for the rapid rise.

Support from Bitcoin code?

The recent rise divides the opinion of market analysts, as a few hours after the publication of an article on the websites of online magazines Wired and Gizmodo about the possible unveiling of the Bitcoin creator “Satoshi-Nakamoto”, known under the psyeudonym, the share price rose rapidly. The article states that the mysterious inventor of Bitcoin code may well be the Australian businessman Craig Steven Wright and the American forensic scientist Dave Kleiman. Here is the Bitcoin code review.

The article first appeared on the Wired website at 21:25 UTC, 2 hours before the jump. Nevertheless, some market observers agree: the possible revelation had a psychological effect on the market, because with the revelation it would at the same time create clarity about the more than 1 million dormant BTCs.

“I think that the Satoshi News has caused this rapid price jump, because the article describes how the 1.1 million BTCs are supposedly hedged and will not be released until 2020,” says Tuur Demeester of Adamant Reserach. “I think the market is ruling on the article with a bullish bet on the truth of the story.”

Currently there are about 14.9 million Bitcoins in circulation. Thus the share of Satoshi Nakamoto or the Nakamotos represents a share of 16%.

According to Gizmodo, an unfinished contract was leaked to the agency, stating that the now deceased Kleiman had been granted power of attorney for 1.1 million Bitcoins by January 1, 2020. The transferred Bitcoins were then to be handed back to Wright on 1 January.

Remarkably, there is also an indication of the terms under which the Bitcoin code should be sold:

“The trust fund PDF file was signed by Wright’s deceased friend Kleimann. It is written that while the Bitcoin code may not be issued until 2020, Wright has the right to borrow Bitcoin code for research and commercial activities that further the value and position of Bitcoin,” Demester said.

With the letter, the market has received an indication of what will happen to the 1.1 million “mystery coins” in the future and when they might be released to the market. So far there has been absolute uncertainty on the subject.